About Us

Merowa Junior Academy has set out to improve the education and experience of children in the city of Kabalagala, the region of Kampala, or in Uganda as a nation, and eventually, the world. The academy is a volunteer based school that relies on donated time, money and resources. The school has been successful in its independent operation, with an amazing head teacher who also happen to be an activist, mother as also humanitarian.


The Academy’s goal is to provide and promote the sharing of resources and leadership to help local and community children develop their skills and knowledge and grow as students and individuals. The aim is to equip the students with the necessary tools, so that they become the best version of themselves. This means that it is something more than teaching them numbers and formulas, as also teach them in practical skills and impart self confidence.


The academy strives to maintain good in health among the students, in every sense of the word. They promote mental, sexual, physical, social and spiritual awareness and wellness. It is important that they take care of ourselves and of each other. The vision is a school full of healthy individuals who can be as best as they can and who are both motivated and determined to be perfect in every aspect of their lives. The school is more than just that, it aims to be a community and a center for safe learning and growth.


The projects undertaken by the volunteers, staff and other members of the community are truly amazing. something that will not go unnoticed. People from all around the world can participate in the activities by spreading the message, vision and projects of the academy. Donations are greatly appreciated to help fund future projects and to ensure the best learning environments for the present as well as future students of this unique academy. The school is proud of what they have accomplished so far, as also the kind of education that they can offer to its fine and intelligent students.