Children and Media

On this page there are some posts about how to best achieve a good balance between education and happiness in relation to the upbringing of children. To bring children into this world is certainly a big responsibility and a full time job. One can’t exc1572c59821062c96d0fc33ad32a2983_genericpect not to be busy almost all the time after becoming a parent.

Promoting reading in children is very important for their overall development. Telling stories to children from an early age is one of the ways of promoting the habit of reading. Writers of books for children say that it is one of the most noble and rewarding jobs. Emotions like astonishment, laughter or curiosity promote ideas, imagination and creativity. Telling stories to children can be a magical thing and many people feel like one will always hold a special love towards those books or writers one read as a child.

There are some spread ideas (especially among children’s literature writers and parents that support literature as a means of entertainment) that TV, especially American TV shows, underestimates children. Recently, there have been some articles publicly criticising franchises such as “The Disney Show” where they have a few kids presenting low rate cartoons and that the only option parents seem to be willing to share with their children are often The Simpsons.

On average, children watch TV three hours every day. But there is nothing interesting for them. No real content there or anything that really stimulates their developing brains. And although it is not good to generalize, most parents do not feel that these TV shows promote fantasy in their children. Also, the problem is that many parents do not spend enough time with their children and in order to entertain them, they resort to leaving them alone with smartphones, TVs, computers or tablets.