The Importance of Literature to Children

Promoting education in children through literature is one of the many ways to get them off the streets, develop streets and develop closer relationships with them. It is really important to read to or to encourage childr
en to read from an early age and to realize that literature is also important because of its historical context. There is a very famous children’s tale, namely Hansel and Gretel, written by the Brothers Grimm.img-big-eyed-learner

In the darkest moment of their adventure the main characters, two children, discover that the birds have eaten the strategic crumbs of bread they had left behind; a very simple system that the two siblings had devised to find their way back home. Hansel and Gretel are lost and alone in the woods and it starts to get dark. However, if the story is told to a modern child, they might wonder why they do not just pull their phones and check their GPS or call their parents. Children these days do not have a notion of life before mobile telephony.

At the same time, one may wonder how terrible literature would have been had mobile telephony always been around. Many classics of literature would have lost certain dramatic elem
ents that are key to the main plot. How easy would it have been to solve many famous mysteries and intricacies of great, historical stories of fiction? Many classic stories and their complex plots would have crumbled to pieces in no time.

From Homer’s Odyssey to Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Borges’ The Man on Pink Corner, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes etc. Regardless of the intellectual level of the text, whether popular or philosophical, or its geographical setting. With a phone in her hand, for example, Penelope would not have waited with uncertainty and anxiety for the warrior Ulysses to return from the combat.