The NGO’s Daily Activities

Our organization runs as an after-school center, and there are many of this kind in Uganda, maybe due to the deficiencies of the local scholar system. Teachers use what is called the “soviet method”, which consists in learning by repetition and, if children make a mistake, shouting at them and telling them how bad they are at that particular subject. Everyone aims for perfection. Anyway, this way of education is not only “soviet”, as can be seen on and certainly not just Ugandan; this still happens in the whole world, save a few exceptions, such as the Finnish education system or Waldorf schools and so on.

This organization has a young team of educators that teach different subjects every day and there are also special activities that aim at integrating children into society.


The organization developed a program based on the idea of giving these young children a solid background to know themselves and to grow healthy. The educational program is based in education and promotion in health programs from all over the world and the plan is for the program to continue, even when the Birthright volunteers are no longer in Kampala. Topics such as hygiene, healthy nutrition and a few points about our relation with nature have been also taught.

It is essential to learn about relationships, because in this world people are involved in them constantly. So, the goal is to learn and teach (because teachers are also constantly learning everyday, and there is no age limit to keep on learning) about three different relationships. Our relation with ourselves (mind, body and soul); our relation with others (friends, family, the institutions we are in, such as work or school, and also relationships with partners, such as girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife etc.); last but not least, our relation with our world and nature (environmental studies, geography, etc.)