Volunteering in Africa: What We Do

Here you will find a collection of articles about volunteering and school projects in the developing world. In Africa, more children than ever go to school, but many schools still lack basic facilities and enough educators to teach in the classrooms. Also, the number of girls who receive schooling in Africa are far less than the number of boys. In order to help all students fulfill their potential, as well as promote equality and fight discrimination in the continent, morefree-volunteer-africa teachers and social workers from around the world are needed in these communities.

Providing children with education is crucial in many ways, especially in Africa and other parts of the developing world. As the gap between rich and poor is growing around the globe, education will be the key to a better and safer future for future generations. Those who do not go to school are less likely to be successful. Instead, they fall further behind their age group, eventually making it much more difficult for them to catch up later in life. Many fall into child labor, while some are lured into child prostitution and human trafficking.

Volunteers can help these children before they become vulnerable to crime. As a teacher or a social worker you will be an influential part of the local community. Not only will you be doing an important job, you will also encounter a new culture and ultimately grow as a person. Volunteering is a challenge, but the experience will benefit both you and the children you take care of.