Volunteers Improving Education

Merowa Junior Academy invited volunteers to help with the educational needs of children living in Uganda. Some remote areas of the country have no schools at all. Therefore, there’s a crucial need for volunteers to aid in assisting children with theducation-opportunitysmalle necessary tools to learn English, math, science, and in many cases computer skills.

Without the volunteers, many children would not have the opportunity to receive an education or could only be taught by their parents, and they may not know many subjects at an academic level – which instead could help them receive a high quality education.

The volunteers won’t only be working with children but will also be there for local teachers. They will provide them with any assistance they need, for instance by perfecting their level of English as well as providing computer skills that they can pass onto their students.

Becoming a volunteer for any educational subject, be it to help teachers or children, is very rewarding as it will improve the overall lifestyle level of the areas involved in the program and will reach out to students and families regardless of their location across Uganda.

Volunteers are a huge part of the Merowa Junior Academy, as they can work with teachers to improve the way in which they operate. Much of the effort on their part, as a matter of fact, consists in educating the teaching staff, so not only better opportunities are given but also jobs posts are created, populating at the same time Uganda with quality leaders.

The same goes for all educational subjects and tech classes. All of these subjects will help improve education and allow students to help their communities. Students will be able to attend college in Uganda or any country once they have the basic educational foundations. At the end of their academic course they will bring back knowledge to their country and ultimately improve the lifestyles of their towns through many different careers that without basic education will be impossible goals to be reached.